My name is Cormac.  I help design great products and get them to market. 

As a Product Development Consultant I work with numerous clients in Silicon Valley including Postmates X and Airbnb’s Samara team. I also work with early stage startups as an adviser at UC Berkeley’s Skydeck incubator and early stage VCs, Root Ventures and Bee Partners.

As VP of Product Design at Skycatch, I led hardware design, ensuring our aerial robots meet the demanding technical requirements of our customer's data acquisition needs all with an eye towards usability.   

During my 9+ years at frog, one of the world’s leading product design and innovation firms, I worked on dozens of projects in a variety of segments including: consumer electronics, mobile, fitness, consumer packaged goods, medical, and experience design.  I’ve worked with clients from Fortune 100 companies to startups.  The diversity of the programs on which I have worked has allowed me to cross pollinate technologies and manufacturing processes from a variety of industries to deliver innovative solutions. I have been awarded numerous design and utility patents.

At my previous position, I worked with a team at Rockwell Collins in collaboration with Lockheed Martin designing the first generation helmet mounted display system for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter.  Previous to that, I designed photonics instruments for CVI Laser, an industry leader in laser optics and coatings.

I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Engineering Design from Carnegie Mellon University.